Your birthday is a present to all of us!

Dear Doug,

When you came into this world 85 years ago, did your parents have any inkling that their son Doug would change this world forever, as well as the lives of the countless men and women who have been inspired by your brilliance, your heroic persistence, and your dreams of how the world could be? I think there must have been something very special in your eyes from the moment you opened them on the world around you. How proud your parents would be to see the son they raised! And how proud we all are to know you and celebrate your life with you this day. Your birthday is a special day for all of us.

You have changed my life, Doug. Every time I hear you speak or read your words, you touch my heart and give me hope and courage. My blog post today is a gift for you: I still can't put into words how much your life and work continue to mean to me, but I won't stop trying.

Happy, happy birthday, Doug, and many happy returns of the day!

Ever your student,
Gardner Campbell
Baylor University


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