Augmenting an 85th Birthday


We were excited when Christina asked us about creating a place for people to share their birthday greetings. It has been impressive, though not surprising, to see the how the warm words and photos of people touched by your work have flowed into this web site. That in itself is an achievement.

It was a true privilege to meet you first in 2006 when you spoke at our NMC Board meeting. I've made frequent re-use of your photo from that day PhotoShopped onto a still image from the "Mother of All Demos"….


Watching everything you not only envisioned in 1968 but had built into a computer system made me sometimes wonder why, when  I learned programming in high school 1979, we were piling decks of punch cards into a mainframe. Heck we did not even have a keypunch, we had to color in the cards with a pen.

Thanks for all you have given this world, ideas that still resonate even more so in a world that has grown more complex.

Happy 85th b Birthday from your friends at the NMC

Alan Levine
Vice President Community & CTO
The New Media Consortium


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