Happy Birthday Doug!

Doug — Best wishes for a very Happy 85th Birthday from friends and admirers in Providence RI! You’ve had dedicated fans here since Andy van Dam came back from your Dec 2008 FJCC demo and first told his students – including me – about your great work and aspirations.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet in person when you and Andy were members of Context Corporation’s Technical Advisory Board (Portland Oregon in the 1980’s), and when you inspired everyone at the MIT/Brown “As We May Think” 50th Anniversary Symposium in 1995.

I’m also happy to send greetings and best wishes from Chris Nuzum – Traction Software co-founder and another student of Andy’s – who met you at the “As We May Think” celebration as well as March + April 2000 at your house and the Open Hypertext System Working Group (photos attached).

Your vision, dedication, and moral purpose are a constant inspiration.

best wishes,
Greg Lloyd

We think a lot about you here!

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Traction Roots – Doug Engelbart

Gregory R. Lloyd, President Traction Software, Inc
http://www.tractionsoftware.com Twitter @roundtrip Providence RI 02906



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